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Special Home Visit Facility of Diabetologist For Geriatric ( ELDERLY) And Childhood Diabetics.

24*7 Telephonic Assistance to Our Diabetic Patients in Emergency.

  • Diabetes Control by Medicines
  • Diabetes Control by Insulin
  • Diabetes Control by Alternative Therapy
  • HbA1c Control for your better life .
  • Diagnosis of Diabetic Neuropathy, Retinopathy,Nephropathy.
  • Childhood Diabetes Management
  • Education about the use and Titration of Insulin Doses.
  • Education about Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)
  • Education about causes, symptoms and bad effects of Diabetes.

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Management & Treatment Of Your NIDDM & IDDM Diabetes

Our qualified doctors and staff manage your diabetic health and allied health issues for your better life. We educate you about your blood sugar level and HBA1C management for your lifetime.

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Education About Insulin Therapy And Childhood Diabete

To save your life and vital organs when doctor suggests Insulin therapy , we educate diabetic patients specially children in Juvenile diabetes about taking of insulin, doses titration of insulin, hypoglycemic ( Low sugar) symptoms and control.

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Blood Sugar Control By Mediatation, Message Therapy, Diet Control, Lifestyle Modification

We take pleasure in providing our specialized service of counselling diabetic patients and controlling thier blood sugar level by alternative system of medicines. We offer different diabetes monitoring devices, foot care products, accupressure and many more healthcare products for Diabetic patients.

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Gestational Diabetes

To save you and your baby's health , we manage and monitor your Gestational diabetes,  developed during pregnancy. Assuring a  good control of your blood sugar levels during your pregnancy under the close observation of our specialized doctor. Educating about  hypoglycemic ( Low sugar) symptoms and control.